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PHYTO-ZOL is the only muscle and joint formula proven to go deeper so you can go further.

Why Choose PHYTO-ZOL?

PHYTO-ZOL is a hemp-derived topical scientifically proven to penetrate the layers of the skin, delivering a greater amount of active ingredient to the local area of joint and muscle discomfort.

PHYTO-ZOL is a fragrance-free water based formula making it less irritating to the skin. Most other topicals use an alcohol base and contain menthol and other fragrant oils which make them more drying to the skin.

What People are Saying About PHYTO-ZOL

"My chiropractor gave me a sample of PHYTO-ZOL 2 weeks ago. The next morning I put it on and was amazed beyond amazement! I have a torn meniscus and it does cause a stiff knee and some pain. Within 2 minutes the pain was gone and it lasted all day! I love your product and have recommended it to others. We travel a lot and I won’t leave home without it!"

Ellen T.

What People are Saying About PHYTO-ZOL

"I started taking PHYTO-ZOL after having persistent neck pain for two weeks and nothing else helped. This amazing cream worked within minutes and I was finally able to sleep for the first time in that entire two weeks! Since then I have tried it on everything from a stiff knee to my wrist issues from working on the computer too much and it's been life-saving. Recently, at night, I've been using one small dollop on my lower neck and shoulders, and within 15 minutes I am out cold! I've completely been able to stop taking any sort of over the counter oral sleep aid! I cannot say enough wonderful things about this product!"

Nicole Y.

What People are Saying About PHYTO-ZOL

"At the age of 48, arthritis has hit my hands hard. I could not work out in the morning if it was cold. I was unable to finish a round of golf without losing all hand strength after around the 10th hole. I was introduced to PHYTO-ZOL. At first, I was hesitant because I did not want greasy hands. Not only were my hands not greasy, but the pain went away. I continued my hand strength throughout the entire round of golf and full workouts. As a skeptic, I made sure I did not take any kind of painkillers to ensure it was the PHYTO-ZOL that was relieving the pain. And sure enough, it was."

Dave W.



We are proud to say PHYTO-ZOL is THE most powerful topical available.

It’s scientifically proven to penetrate through layers of skin, delivering a greater amount of the active ingredient directly to the joints and muscles underneath.