The Best CBD Topical to Target Inflammation

The Best CBD Topical to Target Inflammation

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Inflammation may not be top of mind when it comes to your health concerns - but it should be. Inflammation is your body’s way of protecting itself against injuries and infection and can cause discomfort that severely impacts your health and your quality of life. Inflammation can also cause stiffness and discomfort that follows you everywhere. 



The most common solution to ease these side-effects? Medication. 



From over-the-counter options to prescription narcotics, different medications have been recommended as the best option to target the effects of inflammation, until now. 



PHYTO-ZOL introduces a new solution for muscle and joint inflammation - with proven results. Our hemp-derived CBD serum targets the area of discomfort and effectively diminishes the signs of inflammation and the discomfort it causes. With a range of CBD products on the market, what differentiates PHYTO-ZOL as the best CBD product available? 



Not a Counter-Irritant


You know the cooling feeling you associate with pain relief creams? Sorry to break it to you.  It’s a stimulant used to convince you that it’s really working. Unfortunately, it’s just masking the symptoms.



Many topical products use counter-irritants such as Menthol or Camphor to achieve this cooling and warming effect. What’s really happening is the ingredients are included to irritate the skin by inducing blood vessel dilation, leading to reddening of the skin and feeling of warmth. 


Many patients associate this feeling with relief when, in actuality, it is only distracting them from the pain. PHYTO-ZOL works differently. The hemp-derived CBD in our product acts as an anti-inflammatory with no THC, no smell, no burn, and no high effect from the ingredients.



Works Below the Skin’s Surface


In order for CBD to work as an anti-inflammatory, it must penetrate the layers of the skin to be effective. Most current topicals come in the form of creams that tend NOT to have good penetration. PHYTO-ZOL is formulated in a Locally Enhanced Transdermal Serum (L.E.T.S) that is scientifically proven to penetrate the layers of the skin, delivering a greater amount of active ingredient to the local area of joint and muscle discomfort. 


Our proprietary microencapsulated hemp-derived CBD is formulated with microvesicles. These vesicles slowly release over time, allowing for significantly better skin retention and penetration over time. With repeated use of the serum, you achieve consistent relief. 



Our recommended dosing: 

- Apply to affected area, then repeat application
every hour for 3 hours (a total of 4 applications)
- Continue to apply 3-4 times per day as
continuous application has demonstrated
improved results
-1 pump covers a 4” x 4” area about the size of a
deck of cards

Is a Safer and More Effective Option


The negative effects of oral medications is a laundry list of bad news. These medications are known to be addictive and frequently abused. PHYTO-ZOL is a proven treatment for inflammation without the negative side effects. With a topical treatment like PHYTO-ZOL, you are able to target the specific muscle or joint you are looking to treat. This flexibility makes PHYTO-ZOL a more desirable option than typical oral medications.



It’s Doctor Recommended


California Chiropractic Association and American Chiropractic Society’s, Dr. Jeffrey Tucker, has been vocal about his support for PHYTO-ZOL and CBD for anti-inflammation, “I found PHYTO-ZOL to be a groundbreaking hemp-derived CBD topical serum that is in a bottle with a pump that allows for a dose-specific application.” Dr. Tucker uses PHYTO-ZOL in conjunction with soft tissue treatments at his practice.


In our free ebook, Dr. Tucker explains the medical best practices for PHYTO-ZOL use, “I have designed and written this guide as a consolidation of my knowledge and experience. From it, you can quickly adopt some of the best practices and begin to unlock some of the secrets to using topicals in your practice to improve patient outcomes.” Download our free ebook to learn more about bringing PHYTO-ZOL to your medical practice.