How to Reduce Muscle & Joint Discomfort with PHYTO-ZOL

As a pain specialist, I find strong associations between diet, lifestyle choices, and inflammation that causes discomfort in patients’ bodies. All of these factors can influence the patient’s situation, but what can I recommend to lessen the impact of someone’s muscle or joint discomfort?

Improving Your Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and diets that improve cardiovascular and blood vessel health, like the Mediterranean Diet, are helpful to reduce inflammation. I recommend eating less red meat (less concentration of saturated fat and cholesterol may be the culprit – but we are not sure). The specific recommendation is eat fewer eggs, fish, poultry, and red meat. You can still consume these foods but try to cut the amount over time (the faster you do this the better) until you are at about half your current intake.

Further, some patients need to eliminate all dairy and wheat for about 3 weeks as a trial to see if this alone can disrupt the muscle and joint inflammation causing pain. 

It may sound like an extremely restrictive diet, but it really may be the best choice for you to try and see if it changes your pain.

Combat Joint Discomfort with Hemp-Derived CBD

Another pathway to help local joint discomfort (shoulder, hip, knee, etc.) is to try a hemp-derived CBD topical serum such as PHYTO-ZOL. This is my immediate actionable recommendation for patients to try that I cannot see in my office to help reduce discomfort.. 

My recommendation: 

Rub the PHYTO-ZOL serum on the affected area 3 times a day and be consistent over a 30-day trial of time. Because of PHYTO-ZOL’s transdermal abilities, the serum can deliver high concentrations of the active ingredient to local areas of joint or muscle discomfort. PHYTO-ZOL has a proprietary microencapsulated hemp-derived CBD formula with microvesicles. These vesicles slowly release over time, allowing for significantly better skin retention and penetration over time. 

The treatment of inflammation is important for client health, and quality of life. By pairing nutritional recommendations with consistent use of CBD treatment to the areas of discomfort, I am able to better treat my clients and their conditions. 

I’d love to speak with you about my experience with PHYTO-ZOL in my practice. If you are a medical professional interested in treating your patients with a Hemp-derived CBD, PHYTO-ZOL is the highest quality and most effective option available to you. Email me at with your questions and I look forward to speaking with you. 

Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB

Dr. Tucker’s interest in putting together the arts and science of Pilates, yoga, stretching, medicine balls, stability balls, rubber tubing, balance training, chi gong, weight training, cardio training, endurance training, diet, chiropractic, performance enhancement, muscle and massage therapy, has been evolving for more than 20 years. He completed Chiropractic training at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and has a postgraduate Diplomate degree in Rehabilitation and is certified in chiropractic spinal trauma.

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