Frequently Asked Questions

What is Phyto-Zol®?

Phyto-Zol is a Transdermal hemp derived CBD serum that combines a micro-encapsulated CBD (anti-inflammatory) in a proprietary Locally Enhanced Transdermal Serum (L.E.T.S) formula designed for joint and muscle support and scientifically proven to penetrate the skin.

What is HEMP derived CBD (Cannabidiol)?
HEMP derived CBD comes from the Hemp plant and has natural anti-inflammatory properties. CBD does NOT have the psycho-toxic effects like THC and Phyto-Zol is THC FREE and contains 0% THC.
Marijuana and hemp are two different varieties of cannabis that come from the same species of plant (Cannabis sativa L). The hemp plant is an entirely different strain of cannabis that contains high quantities of CBD throughout the plant, and less than 0.3% THC. Phyto-Zol comes from the industrial hemp plant.
THC affects the brain by binding to naturally-occurring CB-1 receptors in the central nervous system. CBD is a differently-shaped molecule that binds to CB-2 receptors in cell and body tissues outside the central nervous system.
What Is in Phyto-Zol
Phyto-Zol contains organic microencapsulated CBD in a proprietary formulation of a unique combination of ingredients that has a long history of use in cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications, especially for skin delivery. Our proprietary formulation makes the active ingredients more effective and the results more consistent. The ingredients used in the production of Phyto-Zol are derived strictly from raw materials of vegetable origin. These excipients have a long history of use as a food additive ingredients.
What is microencapsulated CBD and L.E.T.S. Technology?
The CBD particles in Phyto-Zol are microencapsulated or self-enclosed. The encapsulated particle cluster is designed to keep the CBD from forming large clusters and allowing the CBD to work with in our proprietary Locally Enhanced Transdermal Serum (L.E.T.S Technology) significantly improving skin penetration and retention at the local site.
How does Phyto-Zol effect the ECS System?
The ECS acts to reduce inflammation around the joints. Evidence on animal studies using rodent adjuvant-induced monoarthritic model has demonstrated that transdermal application of CBD gel is an effective treatment for reduction in inflammation around the joints. It leads to decrease in secretions of pro-inflammatory and matrix-degrading effector molecules produced by the synovial cell connective tissue membrane lining the joints.
How do I know Phyto-Zol Serum is safe to use?
Phyto-Zol is Only made with thw highest purity grade raw materiasl that have been shown to be non-irritant for skin delivery. Our ingredients have gone thru a purification step to guarantee a minimum 99.8% purity for safe use in skin drug delivery. Our ingredients are listed in the the US drug master file and conform to the United State Pharmacopeia – National Formulary (USP/NF) pharmacopeias.
How does Phyto-Zol deliver the CBD through the skin?
Skin penetration enhancement with Phyto-Zol® can be described as a “push and pull effect” to increase the delivery of CBD. Phyto-Zol is a water-based formulation making it less irritating to the skin and less volatile. Most competitive products use an Alcohol base which make them more drying and irritating to the skin.
How does Phyto-Zol feel on the skin?
Phyto-zol is a water-based formulation and has excellent sensorial properties. In an open label trial of women suffering from joint and muscle pain patients rated Phyto-Zol as outstanding wit a less greasy feeling compared to ointments and creams.
What is the source of our HEMP?
Phyto-Zol contains microencapsulated Hemp derived CBD sourced from Industrial agricultural grown Organic Hemp.
Our CBD is extracted though a proprietary extraction method that leaves practically zero traces of chemical contaminants in the end product.
How do I use Phyto-Zol?
Apply one or two pumps several times a day to affected areas of joints and muscles. One pump will cover a 2-inch by 2-inch area, about the size of a deck of cards. Frequent and continued application provides the best experience.
Where can I apply Phyto-Zol?
Apply locally to areas that are experiencing joint and muscle aches.
Where can I purchase Phyto-Zol?
While a prescription is not required to purchase Phyto-Zol it is only sold through Health care Professionals. Health Care Professionals can purchase on our website Patients can only purchase Phyto-Zol from their Health Care Professional.


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