How to Incorporate PHYTO-ZOL Into Your Practice

As a chiropractor or medical professional, you’ve dedicated your life to ease the discomfort of your patients. While your treatments are bettering their quality of life far beyond what it would be without you, the reality is, you can’t be with them 24/7. PHYTO-ZOL is your partner in combating muscle and joint discomfort. We aim to go far beyond your typical retail partner, with marketing support and unparalleled customer service. It’s never been easier to incorporate PHYTO-ZOL into your practice. Here’s how we recommend introducing a topical serum into your work.

As a Solution Between Office Visits

Whether it be a patient’s availability or circumstances of their treatment plan, there will be time between office visits when they may begin to experience some of the discomforts you are helping to eliminate. By following our dosage recommendations and keeping up with their PHYTO-ZOL routine, your patients can continue to see improvement in their comfort levels throughout the day. 

Our Recommended Dosing: 

  • Apply to the affected area, then repeat application every hour for 3 hours (a total of 4 applications) 
  • Continue to apply 3-4 times per day as the continuous application has demonstrated improved results
  • 1 pump covers a 4” x 4” area about the size of a deck of cards

Our locally enhanced transdermal serum allows the active CBD ingredient to penetrate deep into the skin and releases in bursts, increasing local concentrations, and delivering longer-lasting results. 

To Improve the Effectiveness of Treatments

Chiropractor Dr. Jeffrey Tucker has experience using PHYTO-ZOL within his own practice and has found benefits in using the product to support his treatments. Used in conjunction with soft tissue treatments, Dr. Tucker found PHYTO-ZOL to be effective in facial therapy, massage, and as an instrument-assisted tool. He has also seen success with using PHYTO-ZOL to help treat chronic tendonitis and to prevent injury by applying before and after workouts.

As an Additional Revenue Source

During this uncertain time of COVID-19, we understand your patients may not be able to attend their appointments or receive their next bottle of PHYTO-ZOL from your counter units. It was because of this change, and the flexibility of an order-from-home system allotted to patients and our clients, that we launched PHYTO-ZOL Direct and our affiliate program. 

By becoming a PHYTO-ZOL affiliate, your patients can order PHYTO-ZOL and have it shipped directly to their home, while you’ll receive $12 for every order using your affiliate code. We know your patients count on your services and the comfort it brings them, and we hope to aid you in continuing to serve them during this time. Visit PHYTO-ZOL to create your professional login and get started as a Problem ZOLver.

Jeffrey Tucker, DC, DACRB

Dr. Tucker’s interest in putting together the arts and science of Pilates, yoga, stretching, medicine balls, stability balls, rubber tubing, balance training, chi gong, weight training, cardio training, endurance training, diet, chiropractic, performance enhancement, muscle and massage therapy, has been evolving for more than 20 years. He completed Chiropractic training at Los Angeles College of Chiropractic and has a postgraduate Diplomate degree in Rehabilitation and is certified in chiropractic spinal trauma.

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