How to Prepare Your Patients to Get Active

It has been a long 3 months in lockdown, and as more places open up and restrictions lessen, gyms, beaches, and hiking trails are more accessible to everyone, including your patients. While you may have recommended otherwise, many of these patients will have spent the last few months sedentary and are just now getting back to an active lifestyle. To avoid injury and lessen the risk of downtime associated with “getting back on the horse,” advise your patients to take these steps before resuming their pre-virus workouts.


Take It Slow

You’ve heard the phrase – slow and steady wins the race. It’s especially important as your patients ease back into working out and begin to participate in more active activities. It’s likely they will want to hop right back into the same level of intensity they were used to, but remind them to ease back into things slowly to avoid injuring themselves and setting themselves back further than before.


Stick with Stretching

Regardless of the activity, stretching before any activity prepares the body for the workout ahead. Provide your patients with the best stretching routine for their fitness level, and remind them of the importance of pre and post-workout stretching. Just a few minutes before and after could mean the difference between an effective workout and a debilitating injury.


Listen to Your Body

Things might not be moving the same way they did before, and that’s okay! Make it clear to your patients what they should expect to feel the first time they get back out and what they should be looking out for so they don’t push themselves further than their body is ready to.


Power them with PHYTO-ZOL

PHYTO-ZOL is a tool you can recommend for your patients as they embark on their journey to a more active lifestyle. By incorporating a topical CBD into their pre and post-workout routines, they’ll be better prepared for the workout ahead and more equipped to handle any joint or muscle discomfort that comes from restarting an active routine. PHYTO-ZOL is unlike the other topical CBD products available in that its patented transdermal serum delivers the active ingredient directly to the affected joint or muscle, unlike all other over the counter CBDs on the market.

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