Medical Best-Practices for Topical CBDs

Patients experiencing musculoskeletal discomfort have many options for treatment, depending on the severity of their injuries. Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Rheumatologists, and Orthopedic doctors can all provide solutions to help a patient on the road to joint recovery. In each of these practices, PHYTO-ZOL can be a valuable complement to a patient’s treatment regimen. We’ve spoken with experts in joint pain and related fields to get their take on medical best-practices for topical CBDs.

From Dr. Jeffery Tucker

Dr. Jeffrey Tucker – DC and President of the American Chiropractic Association, Rehabilitation Council – offers valuable insight into the use of topical CBDs in a variety of practice areas for a variety of patient injuries and discomforts:

For Ultrasound and Soft Tissue Therapy

In conjunction with soft tissue treatments, the powerful transdermal effects of PHYTO-ZOL can help assist recovery. The transdermal effects of the topical allow it to reach tissue more effectively and allow the formula to have a stronger effect directly on the tissue, alleviating discomfort and inflammation. Topical CBDs have been proven to work well alongside soft tissue treatments such as facial therapy, massage, and instrument-assisted mobilization tools.

For Chronic Tendonitis

PHYTO-ZOL is particularly good at assisting chronic tendonitis treatments. Chronic discomforts are felt over longer periods of time than acute conditions and often require more time and effort to fully recover. Topical CBDs like PHYTO-ZOL provide high levels of relief to these patients. PHYTO-ZOL intentionally avoids the ingredients that cause unnecessary hot and cold feelings, which many other CBD creams use; these feelings can create a “placebo” relief for patients, which may contribute to the overuse of the injured area during the recovery process.

From Dr. Donald C. DeFabio

Dr. Donald C. DeFabio – DC, DACRB, DACBSP, DABCO, Board Certified in Chiropractic Physical Rehab, Sports and Orthopedics Corrective Exercise Specialist, and a Team Chiropractic Doctor at Drew University – recommends a few different methods for using PHYTO-ZOL in the treatment process.

For Acute Disc Syndromes and other MSK Problems

Patients who experience Acute Disc Syndromes and other MSK problems show significant benefits from incorporating PHYTO-ZOL into their regimen. The number one method of use for patients with Acute Disc or other MSK problems is to stack PHYTO-ZOL with their hot/cold applications at the source of discomfort. We recommend that patients use a 3-step hot-cold method to help ensure that the product has the strongest effect. Professionals should help patients establish a routine of 10 minutes of heat, followed by 10 minutes of ice, followed again by 10 minutes of heat with PHYTO-ZOL applied to the source. This process should be repeated every 30 minutes at least 3 times, or until the discomfort subsides. Using PHYTO-ZOL products with heat is preferred because warm temperatures allow more blood perfusion in the region, heightening in the transdermal effect of the product.

For Referral Discomfort Relief

Often, patients experience pain in one area of the body that is caused by issues in another. For example, tightness, strain, or other neck issues can sometimes lead to pain in the shoulders. Applying PHYTO-ZOL to the shoulder is an obvious solution to the discomfort, but also applying it to the neck can alleviate the shoulder discomfort right from the source. The referral site where the pain starts is important to target, along with the location where the discomfort is felt.
Additionally, because PHYTO-ZOL doesn’t have any invasive scents or smells, it can be applied to multiple areas of the body during times when other topicals can’t. For patients who frequent business meetings, gyms, or other odor-free places, I suggest recommending PHYTO-ZOL.

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