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Phyto-zol-a new way of incorporating transdermal hemp-derived CBD into your practice

Transdermal Hemp-Derived CBD Serum

Phyto-Zol is the ONLY Transdermal hemp-derived CBD Serum scientifically proven to penetrate the layers of skin to reach the areas of pain in your joints and muscles.

Breakthrough Formula


Revolutionary Pain Relief for your Patients

Phyto-Zol is available through health and wellness professionals.

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Proven results. Fast and complete penetration.

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Our Research

In a scientific Transdermal diffusion study Phyto-Zol delivered 6x more active ingredient at a faster rate relative to the competitor’s. This scientific study demonstrates that the Phyto-Zol serum base is the best transdermal formulation delivery vehicle to reach the desired sites of action for local effect.

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Chiropractic Counter Unit Special

(12 Bottles Per Display)
Retail Price $69 / Bottle
Wholesale Introductory Price $29 / Bottle

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  • Retail Price $69.00
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  • Profit Per Counter Unit $480.00

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