Discover the PHYTO-ZOL Difference
· Proven penetration and retention
· No odor or burn
· Only medical-grade ingredients

50mL Pump
approx. 30 day supply

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What is PHYTO-ZOL?

PHYTO-ZOL is a hemp-derived topical scientifically proven to penetrate the layers of the skin, delivering a greater amount of active ingredient to the local area of joint and muscle discomfort.

PHYTO-ZOL is a fragrance-free water based formula making it less irritating to the skin. Most other topicals use an alcohol base and contain menthol and other fragrant oils which make them more drying to the skin.

No Menthol = No Smell

No Camphor = No Burn

No High Effect

How to Apply

Apply to affected area, then repeat application every hour for the first 3 hours (a total of 4 applications) and then continue to apply 3-4 times per day as needed. Continuous applications have demonstrated to improve results and provide maximum delivery.


100mg Suspended, Micro-encapsulated Time-Released Phytocannabinoid Complex, Deionized Water, DGME, Carbopol, Triethanolamine, Disodium EDTA Dihyrdate, Phenoxyethanol


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